Sal Jefferies mind and body coach

Sal Jefferies

"Helping people build a strong core
physically, mentally and emotionally"


For as long as I can remember, I have explored what it means to be human, how the mind works and to understand what has often seemed to me, a complex and confusing world. From philosophy to psychology and from ancient teachings to modern day science, I have been a voracious learner and self-explorer. My passion and experience brings together all of these distinct fields; East & West, Ancient Wisdom & Modern knowledge and Mind & Body. All of these have led to great learning, insight and growth for me and for my clients.

Passion & Experience

I'm an Integrative Coach, Contemporary Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher. In our modern culture, we have many personal, professional and social challenges that need a integrated approach to dealing with.

Simply put, one method may not be enough to overcome these challenges and alchemise them into opportunities for growth.

My strength is to help people find their own inner mental and emotional strength and create a future of choice and autonomy. I do this using a fusion of psychology, NLP, language, neuroscience, behavioural change, self-awareness, mindfulness and how our neurology and physiology works in combination with our thoughts and emotions.

When we make powerful changes within us it often reflects in our experience of life and in the world around us.