Mind-Body Coaching

Mind-Body Coaching

Make positive changes in your life

Mind-Body Coach

I work with exceptional people who are looking for change or transformation in an area of their life. The cutting edge processes I use for mind-body coaching combine inner work and external activity, which helps create new possibilities and significant change.

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" The journey begins by identifying areas of life, that coaching could address and improve"

Take a look at the following questions and if you feel there’s a lack of clarity or a level of discomfort that they bring up, then this is a good sign that it’s an area ripe for change.

  • Does your job make you happy and fulfilled?
  • Are you clear on what matters most to you?
  • How do you 'show up' in life?
  • Are you taking care of your health?
  • If you were clear on your purpose, how would you live?
  • Do you get time to enjoy what you love the most?
  • What do you really want out of life and is your life working for you right now?

Take the following steps to make the changes you want in your life

Identify an area for change

1. Identify an area for change

Get in Touch

2. Get in Touch

Face to face / Online meet-up

3. Face to face /
   Online meet-up

Positive Change

4. Positive Change


Want positive changes in your life?

To change what’s going on the outside, we often need to change what going on inside. Coaching can help when you have a lack of clarity of what to do, where to go, how to do it. Sometimes you may feel you have no direction and other times, too many choices.

I work with you to uncover you own authentic desires, goals and dreams and then help you develop the clarity and structure to take action. You may well know exactly what you want BUT things aren’t happening.

If you ‘know’ how to do something but aren’t making progress or succeeding, then there may be an unconscious process at work keeping you stuck. My intention is to bring these to light and use the positive intention behind these patterns to help you.

Coaching is about empowering you to make positive, sustainable change whilst being supported and using my skills to help you access/find your own resources, strengths and autonomy.

"I offer coaching in person or online via Skype."